How to remove kwin scripts?

Installed 3 kwin scripts.
Latte Window Colors
Sticky Window Snapping
Tiling Extension
The screen transparency has disappeared. Latte doc is behaving inappropriately. All animation is gone. The system behaves as if a full-screen app is running in the background.
I tried to roll back the system using Timeshift, but nothing worked. Apparently, the working environment settings are broken.
All the problems started after Tiling Extension was launched. How can I delete it?
Rolled back from core 5.5.8 to KDE 5.17, the core 5.3.18

Try creating a new test user account.

System Settings → Workspace → Window Management → KWin Scripts

You can disable them there. After you've done that, take a look in ~/.local/share/kservices5/ and delete what you don't need. :wink:

The new account has no problems. Is there any way I can restore the old one? Can I find damaged files?

Scripts have already been disabled.
The specified path does not contain the kservices5 folder.

You could try... :arrow_lower_left:

locate -i tiling | grep home

... and see if that yields any results. :thinking:

:arrow_up: mLocate is not installed by default?

find /home/<your user> -name "*tiling*"

Unable to install locate :cold_sweat:. I used a search in dolphin, but couldn't find it.

Found the path to the scripts. .local/share/kwin/scripts/
Deleted folders. Now the result is as follows image

sudo pacman -S mlocate
sudo updatedb

Then run the locate command above.

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So reboot it should be gone.

I moved the folder with the extension to another location. Restart the computer. The item in the settings is missing. But the problems have not disappeared. :pensive:

Compositor has probably turned off - I am not in plasma, but I think it is in display settings.
Alt+ shift + F12

Time to start a new thread, this one is solved.

You were right! It was worth turning on the composer and everything came back!
Thank you very much. I was beginning to worry a lot.

Now the problem doesn't seem half as complicated. To create this question for her. :unamused:

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