How to remove old Ubuntu partition

Now that I am completely converted to Manjaro, I would like to remove the Ubuntu from the disk. And reclaim its space.
Can I just delete the partition?
And how do I fix up the boot menu?

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Yes. :slight_smile:

sudo update-grub


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thank you for the confirmation!

ok. that was quick and simple.
now, there is an unallocated disk space immediately following manjaro partition. so how do i extend it to include the empty area?

partition manager does not allow that.
do i need to boot from a live usb?

Yes, it is probably best to do that from a live USB, but best is to use something like GParted ─ if you search for it on the web, they have a specialized live image of their own, which may have more options.

Another option would be to create a new partition and designate it to some purpose. I have no idea how big that empty space is, but it is possible to split off parts of your system onto another partition.

A good candidate would for instance be a dedicated partition for /var/cache/pacman, because if you don't clean out old packages manually on a regular basis, then that tends to grow very big very fast. :wink:

So, if you're going to go that route, then simply create a new partition ─ you don't have to use a live USB for this ─ and then mount it at /mnt, move everything under /var/cache/pacman to /mnt/, add the entry for the new partition to /etc/fstab, unmount /mnt, and mount the new partition to /var/cache/pacman. :wink:


good ideas.
wish i had read it before i went ahead and attempted to maximize the Manjaro partition.
there were 2 unallocated spaces (each about 70 gb) with Manjaro stuck in the middle.
i resized the Manjaro partition to take up the entire first unallocated space and a good chunk of
the second area. this of course changed partition layout.
so when i booted, i got the dreaded 'grub rescue>' prompt.
i ended up doing a complete new install taking the entire disk.

i learned a lesson:
it's best not to resize or move the Manjaro partition.
better to simply use the extra space as mounted drives; e.g., /home and /var/cache/pacman

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Good you learned it early. Later on, you'll learn you can expand to the 'right' not the 'left' when viewed in gparted gui. But correct, if possible, do not move, resize. And better format than delete.

If you haven't reinstalled....
Use this [Simple First Start].


Wow, that is quite a read. Everything I ever wanted to know about grub but afraid to ask!
Fortunately this HP laptop will soon be donated and so had to be cleaned up.
Thus I simply gave up trying to revive the old Manjaro and installed using the entire disk.
But since I am into learning, had I known about your instructions, I certainly would have given a valiant attempt.


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