How to remove xfce altogether?

I am experiencing random freezes, so I am about to run an update before I post here about it. However, to make the update smaller, I want to remove xfce and applications that came with it.

I had installed Bspwm in addition to the xfce. But I rarely log in to xfce. In fact, with 2GB of ram xfce gets slow.

If you do sudo pacman -S xfce4, can I mess things up

FWIW your command will install (not remove) xfce4. A typical removal would look something like:

sudo pacman -Rns xfce4*

But remember installed software only uses RAM if it is running... not sitting idle on disk storage. I don't think you really need to remove anything. I wouldn't.

Here's a decent reference thread I found...

Oh I know the command. I simply mistyped in my description. My major issue is update size. I dont have unlimited internet so I prefer smaller updates. I keep brave and spotify from updating only to reduce update size.
I am hoping removing xfce would make next updates smaller

Then the only issue is that you may have to add back any items that are removed but you still want... For me that includes thunar, power-manager, mousepad, and about a dozen more.

You may decide a distro that is not arch/archbased.

perhaps, I have Void on my laptop. But I don't want to reinstall and configure everything.

If you keep a seperate /home or even better a seperate /data partition it is sweet like a pie.
Don't forget your important configs.

I used @manyroads solution and remove xfce

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