How to replace pulseaudio-git with pulseaudio package?

I have some sound issues and I installed pulseaudio-git, and that replaced pulseaudio. Now I want to do the reverse, but although I pass -d flag to pacman, it tells me about dependencies that require the pulseaudio-git package. If I try to uninstall those dependencies like this:

$ sudo pacman -dR pulseaudio-git chromium ffmpeg firefox fluidsynth gst-plugins-good lib32-libpulse libcanberra-pulse libmikmod manjaro-pulse phonon-qt5 plasma-pa pulseaudio-alsa pulseaudio-ctl pulseaudio-qt qt5-multimedia

then their dependencies complain too.

My original issue is this, on this same forum.


I've succeeded with more --assume-installed flags passed to pacman -R.

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