How to restore Lightning (calendar) in Thunderbird 60+

Lightning is now the part of the Thunderbird code but it's not always turned on by default. In case you're missing Lightning add-on, instead of trying to install it from the site (where they have the old version for Thunderbird below 60), just do this steps:

1. Go to Preferences->Advanced Tab->General Sub-Tab->Configuration Editor button


Just like with about:config for Firefox, we need to confirm that we accept the risk and really want to open this tool.


2. Search for:


Right-click it and choose: Reset


3. Reboot Thunderbird.

After reboot Event Calendar (and Lightning extension) should be added to the Thunderbird.

The only drawback is that it defaults to English, despite different Thunderbird language. In old Thunderbird, the solution for bringing back localization was to uninstall and install Lightning again. Since we cannot do that and only restore it via the method shown above. This is caused by the fact that localization packages don't have Lightning localization.

Currently, we can bypass this issue with lightning-lang-patcher (from AUR).


I'm the author of this patch

It can be better Manjaro team creates a Thunderbird package without the extension and create multiple lightning languages packages. It solves the problem and make the lightning lang patcher no more necessary.

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This could be the solution, but I'm afraid that Manjaro team is too small, so their priority is to automate as many things as possible. For example, FF is taken from Arch upstream but scripts are adjusting it to Manjaro (branding) in flight so there is no extra work needed.
Lightning is not essential or widely used, but those who do use it, need have it translated, so your patching program is a good workaround.

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