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Hello, everyone.

I have been running various Linux distro's for a little over 4 years, but I still consider myself a Linux newbie (I'll probably always be that way since it's way too late for me to learn how to replace all the mainframe and Windows knowledge I accumulated over the last 45 or so years. I am currently a Mint user, but even more than that I'm a KDE user and Mint is planning to drop their KDE-embedded iso. So, I have been looking at a lot of distro's that continue to support KDE. I'd bet you have heard this before - from other Mint-migrants.

So far I am having success and fun with Manjaro. It seems pretty intuitive even though the Arch-based package manager is quite different from the Debian-based systems I am somewhat familiar with.

My first problem is that, although I can ping my Manjaro box on my network, I can't actually access it. Often that's because a username/password hasn't been added to Samba. I tried that but there is no Samba.conf file. It usually gets initialized when the Samba server runs. However, I can't find a Samba server. What am I doing wrong - or not doing? How does this work in Manjaro?

Thanks in advance...!!

you can install manjaro-settings-samba package and also the archlinux wiki for doc


Forgive me for intruding. If the best and kindest offer of help you can give to someone who has just started with Manjaro, and posted here for the very first time is, "here's a book... go look it up" then I want to sincerely apologize for interrupting you. I assume you can answer any question I or anyone else might ever have with, "go look it up".

This is your site and you may behave however you wish, but my enthusiam for Manjaro had just ended. I'll not be suggesting this site/product to anyone else.

Again, thank you for the time you gave, and I'm sorry I disturbed you.

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Thats just priceless. I'm sure you scold others for sharing recipes with you too. :roll_eyes:

@papajoke told you a package to install and pointed you to relevant documentation. It isnt 'their' site. They arent a team member or anything. But they were trying to be helpful. What else do you expect? Should they copy and paste the information here for you? I simply dont understand your attitude.


All good. I trust you can find your own way back to Ubuntu-land :roll_eyes:

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Hello Tovian,
I get you are not pleased with the answer @papajoke gave you. But try to understand this:
there are so many questions asked here on the forum about, let's call it basic subjects, that having to describe answers over and over is not something people here like to do.
Instead they show you where you can find the answers, by pointing out wiki pages, either from Manjaro itself or Arch, our mothership.
Papajoke also gave you the hint to install a samba package which might help you. I don't know this package since I don't use samba at all, kicked Windows out of the windows 10 years ago.

People here are friendly and are willing to help, but you need to be doing something as well. Just asking a question and hoping you will get a step-by-step answer is not done.
Linux is a mighty system but you need to be willing to learn. That does mean reading a lot, breaking things and starting over again.
One tip about that last part, make sure you have a good backup of both your data as well as your OS itself so should you break something you can restore it in minutes.

Linux is fun because you can shape it exactly the way you want it to be. Should you want it to be like Windows, just install it and use it, then I think a different distro might suit you better. You wrote you like KDE, so might I suggest SolydK, a distro based directly on Debian (NOT Ubuntu) which added several own programs to it. It's very solid (hence the name), uses the Debian package-manager and it just works.

You could however, if you feel like learning, stay here and read a lot on our wiki pages plus the arch wiki pages, ask questions on the forum (give enough information for us to work with) and master Manjaro. It is also very solid and you will find, or maybe already found out, it is faster and lighter than Debian based distro's.
Whatever you do, have fun in doing it.


Sorry, man,
it was just the beginning of a discussion, maybe after installing this package you had everything you needed...
some people like to be guided, others take pride in fending for themselves, I just gave you the choice.

My English is so bad, I could never make a tutorial here ; but many other people here will be happy to guide you according to your expectations.

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I'm not saying that my english is good, but your english is perfectly understandable from where i stand, and your technical suggestions are always concise and to the point. My 2 cents on this ! :wink:

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When you know how to run Samba you could always start with a tutorial. Just write down what needs to be done and then somebody here can always correct some mistakes because of language problems. It can be a joint venture.

You're fine. Neither your pointers nor your english is at fault.

Let me get this straight:

  1. You posted one question on the forum.
  2. You got a correct answer within 45 minutes.
  3. It wasn't the exact answer you were expecting.
  4. You gave up with the distro entirely.

That seems like an overreaction if ever there was one. But, if you have unrealistic expectations of forum members (e.g. being able to intuit exactly your level of experience and specific needs) then you're probably correct in giving up early.

Aside: Manjaro isn't a "product" - unless you paid someone for it? If that's the case you should be asking the person you gave money to for the level of help you're expecting.


Don't apologise. Your answer is correct.

There's no point in duplicating here what's already available on another page. That's why the web has hyperlinks - to link to existing information.


You did nothing wrong , the OP has issues . He went on the Mint forum and ranted about how he was treated here . Totally misrepresented what happened here . I called him on it and posted a link to this thread and others on that forum are calling him out for what he did . I've been recommending Manjaro on that forum to those looking for a replacement for Mint's discontinued KDE , last thing I expected was this kind of garbage . Sorry ya'll .


How lame. Could you post the link to his post on the Mint forum. That should be good for a laugh. Good for you for calling him on that bs. :+1:

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easy to find

I did install the package, I did read the documentation, I did solve the problem... but



papajoke beat me to it .^^^^^

Hey retic.

I read your post on the Mint forum. I see you had missing firmware errors with the b43 wifi drivers when you tried to install Manjaro. Read this post I just made a little while ago. If your error was similar perhaps that simple option setting change may help you fix that problem and you can use your wifi.

That was someone elses post , the color scheme on that forum makes it hard to differentiate between post's but thanks anyway .

Sorry, well I tried. I like to help people with their wifi issues.


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