How to see how long does each process takes to start on boot?

Is there a way or log somewhere that shows me the list of all processess during boot-up and how long does each take to start?
My PC just recently started to boot much slowly that before. Before it was around 5s and now its over 2 minutes so I just want to se which process is clogging the boot-up.
Does dmesg show what I am looking for? Are those numbers in the left column actual seconds for each process from the last boot?

If so it seems the problem starts after the 5th second and jumps to 70th and so on.
Can anyone advise me on this and what are those processes and how can fix them?
Thank you dmesg

By using from terminal systemd-analyze blame you will see what service is slow at boot. With systemd-analyze -h you will find more commands.
If previously you had a better boot time and now seems slow, you might want to do this from terminal:

sudo pacman -S haveged
sudo systemctl enable haveged
sudo systemctl start haveged
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Thank you so much for a fast reply. I will first learn about those commands that you recommended and will come back to report my results.

It turns out I already have haveged installed.
And cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail outputs 3487.

I had it installed too, and also i had a good entropy, but the system boot time was longer till i enabled it.

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