How to set up camera and microphone in XFCE edition's bundled Skype web app?


I am testing out a fresh install of the latest, and fully updated, Manjaro XFCE edition. In it, I noticed that the "web desktop app" versions of the Microsoft Office suite online including Skype.

I was able to sign into Skype with that app, but when I tried to call the Skype test call service, I saw that the video and microphone icons are greyed out and I can't click on them.

I then clicked on the gear icon to look at the settings, but I can't find any option to set up the camera or microphone.

To be clear, I tested the camera and microphone in other programs like Audacity or Jitsi Meet in Firefox and they worked. So this seems to be a problem within the Skype web app.

I also know that I can just install the actual desktop app for Skype via the AUR, but wanted to see if I can get the bundled web app to work first. Can any one advice? Thanks!

P.S. I tried installing and running the official desktop app from the AUR and sound/video works.

If there's a way to get video/audio in the "Microsoft Skype Online" app that comes bundled with Manjaro to work, I have yet to find it. I think it's a limitation of the wrapper that's used. works fine in a browser (tested in firefox and vivaldi/chrome).

Personally i use skypeforlinux-preview-bin

@codesardine: can you check what might be missing in JAK to support Video and Audio?

For me, on my Illyria KDE test machine the camera also doesn't work. It has worked in previous distro's I've used.
I found a program in the multimedia group of the kickstarter menu called: Qt V4L2 Test Utility and it did find my camera. When I started to capture I got a new window which was totally green, no picture at all.
PLUS, my mouse froze. I can't use it anymore. Happily the touchpad still works so I can move the cursor.
Will do a reboot now to make the mouse working again.

I will look into it, it might just need to be activated in webkit settings. @philm

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