How to setup for password after grub with full luks and lvm?

Hi, I'll setup my new install with lvm on luks via architect (I'm going from many years with Debian, and latest some weeks with pure Arch).

My usual setup in bios motherboard is: unencrypted boot, pvluks with some lvm. All so good for me (password after grub, good for dual boot with another drive).

Now, with Manjaro, some issue for this!
Setup are (new machine) in uefi (efi unencrypted) and luks with some lvm. All good but password before grub.

Then, I'll try to reduce (with success) my luks and create a new boot partition etc. Now I've boot/efi and boot unencrypted, but still ask password before grub.

Some help to fix?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if my English is so poor :sweat_smile::blush:

After more test, now is fixed (no password ask at all in first time, fixed with password after grub after removed Files(*key) in mkinitcpio).
Moved also theme inside boot, and rebuild update-grub.

Now start with themed grub and this contain also windows, then, if linux, ask password.

All work so good :sweat_smile::v:

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