How to tell the LiveUSBs apart?

In the chaos yesterday of tentatively reassembling Frank my usbs with varies Manjaro's on them lost their stickers that indicate which is which.

Is there a way by looking at the files on the usb what version/DE/WM they are?

Yes, I know I can boot to them and remark them
And I can load a VM with them to see
And I can just re-write them
Lastly I know they get named something M1804 or something.
These are all the hardway.

After looking at the files on the usb, it's all boilerplate scripts. I assume it's all stashed in the squashfs files or something?
Is there no simply way to know which version is on the usb other than the hardway?

Thank you!

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oh no, we cant have that. :smirk:

edit: maybe verifying one of the .md5 files but that again would be a "hard way" . :weary:

edit 2: put them in a bucket of water. gnome, kde, deepin will sink to the bottom :rofl:


When you burn them, just created a empty file on the liveUSB root (e.g. ManjaroXFCE18.1-rc8). Or use string tags rather than sticky labels.

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The label will tell you e.g. MRJO1801 - booting it will display the Edition at the Grub menu

cat /usb/mount/path/boot/grub/kernels.cfg | grep "misolabel="

cat /usb/mount/path/boot/grub/kernels.cfg | grep "Boot: "

I know this is a silly question but I keep a lot of ISOs on hand. Just a weird habit of mine, I guess.

I've tried to make an empty file on them after I burn them but I always get a "No room on device".
I'll have to look into the string tags thing.



I just really didn't want to boot 6 different ISOs to see what they were. :wink:

Oh THANK YOU! That's exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much for that. :purple_heart:
I can just insert the usb and run that and see! Woohoo!

cat /run/media/shaeda/MJRO1804/boot/grub/kernels.cfg | grep "Boot: "
menuentry "Boot: Manjaro.x86_64 mate " --class=Manjaro.x86_64 "$title" {# set arguments above with the editor


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Thanks for the "tips". :smirk:

Ok, that one made me crack up enough to have to put my coffee down.



Do any of them weigh the same as a duck? :fire: :wink:


only on days ending in y


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