How to theme GDM / Convert GNOME 3.28 theme to GNOME 3.30

So I want to use the Adapta-Blue-Nokto-Eta theme for GDM. But I can't because it's a GNOME 3.28 theme but i modified it a bit to show the sound slider properly. The sound slider works when logged in but not in the login screen. The bar is completely transperant in login screen but it is ok when logged in. I used loginized to change GDM theme.

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So what changes did you make to pas-osd.css?

Some themes have the pad-osd.css with wrong values and also some formatting issues in order to properly work. A GTK+ thing i guess, but that's responsible only for those that have a tablet device and they try to map buttons from Settings. The theme itself is in gnome-shell.css, that will be available when logged in, the GDM is a binary file from the theme itself and applies separate either copied or as a symlink inside /usr/share/gnome-shell/.

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