How to totally reset Non boot able manjaro without resetting disks?

Although I can reinstall everything again, but it will make me install things like browser or the apps I'm using again. Especially some big downloads hurt.

Is there any quick way to reset things like graphic driver, settings, config data etc but not lose the already downloaded build files and maybe preserve Home partition?

If you simply reinstall you can generally expect your home partition to be preserved, pretty much always even between distributions.

You can access your current Manjaro install with a live boot. That way you can not only recover files but also get terminal access to your install with chroot. I'm not exactly sure how to reset all configs (reinstalling all packages isn't hard, that AFAIK doesn't touch your user edited configs though) except reinstalling the distro but you can also actually find out what's wrong and fix your install with that terminal access.

Only if you have /home on a separate partition. And only advisable if things like .config files will be compatible across the installs.

You will however need to reinstall applications.

I reinstalled my system like 3 times on my desktop without losing my /home on the same partition. I definitely wouldn't recommend it without backups but it is still preserved.

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