How to transfer all data from Cinnamon to KDE

How to transfer all data from Cinnamon to KDE. I have Manjaro Cinnamon and Now I decided to install KDE how to transfer all data from Cinnamon to KDE?

Which data? Cinnamon settings? Private data?

I want to save programs like phpStorm and etc settings and data. As I understand I can't save cinnamon settings, because I 'm going to install KDE, right?


New install, but you must know where this application store the data to ....

You can use a commercial programming program but don't know how to save and copy data?

Could anybody tell me the instructions how to transfer my data to KDE?

Yes I know where are phpstorm files I'm asking the different things. I need instruction.

Ask JetBrains.
Either my English isn't enough or your question is inaccurate.

any thoughts guys?

go through /.config directory and save the configs you want to save. That's where all your settings are stored for your apps.

You can't save your cinnamon settings. That's correct. Two different DEs.

For saving your apps. You'll have to re-install them.
But I believe there's a way with pacman or pamac,

You should check the wiki for that info.
I'm to lazy right now to go searching for it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably. There are exceptions though, like

  • Firefox (uses ~/.mozilla)
  • Thunderbird ( uses ~/.thunderbird)
  • docker (uses ~/.docker)
  • ...

As you can see, all those reside in some hidden subfolder of your $HOME-directory. So look through those as well.

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Thanks. This is exactly what I needed.

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