How to translate strings, e.g. "Welcome to Manjaro Linux"

At the beginning of boot it says "Welcome to Manjaro Linux".
Is it possible to translate this string?

The "Manjaro Linux" part of that string is parsed from here:

You can modify those components, but they can't be localised as per noted here:

As this file only encodes names and identifiers it should not be localized.

The "Welcome to" part of that string comes from systemd. If you want to translate that portion you'll have to see if you can contribute to the systemd localization project.

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I would like to translate the .desktop files found on the desktop:
"Install Manjaro"
"Manjaro User Guide"

And possibly others.
Is if possible to translate them anywhere?
If not i would like them to be made translatable.

In regards to the .desktop files that you would like to translate, you'll have to fork their respective projects, translate them, and then submit a pull request back to Manjaro.


A guide on how to translate desktop files:

If you'd like to translate other Manjaro projects, you can take a peak here:

Manjaro uses Transifex to translate all of it's software, so you'll have to create an account there.

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How come it does not say anywhere how to translate the .desktop files?
manjaro-documentation.desktop have no translations.
calamares.desktop only have one german comment.
I see this generally in distributions that the .desktop files are not mentioned.

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