How to write/edit a proper and easily readable Discourse forum post

To create an easily read post, proper formatting is a must!

Terminal output

The most important!!!
For terminal output, text output which disables forum formatting for special characters, use Code wrapping (Pre-formated text):

  • It's easily done automatically with a shortcut. Select your text and press Ctrl - Shift+C
  • Full Paragraph text (manually)
    Create opening line with 3 "back-ticks" ` write or paste text and add on more similar line at the end of text.

Code text Bold text

Code text **No Bold text**
  • Inline code (manually)
    Enclose phrase with one "back-tick" `
Use `sudo` for root privs

Use sudo for root privs

Quoting paragraph (which is too often mis-used for code output :disappointed_relieved:):

  • Start the paragraph with >
>My super Quote

My super Quote

  • For combining paragraphes and/or empty lines, use more of this >
> Nice idea
> One more idea

Nice idea

One more idea

Section titles

Start paragraph with 1 to 5 # followed by a space, like

# Highest level

Highest level

## 2nd Highest level

2nd Highest level

### 3nd Highest level

3nd Highest level

Separate sections with a horizontal line

  • Create an empty paragraph line (with Enter) followed by a line with three dashes


Create lists

  • For Ordered list start the line with a number (in sequence), a dot and a space
1. First
2. Second
3. Third
  1. First
  2. Second
  3. Third

  • Unordered list, start with asterisk and space
* Think
* Draw
* Paint
  • Think
  • Draw
  • Paint

Disable special characters preceding it with backslash \

This is \*not bold*
This is *not bold*

Most of the above can be used with just "Select text" and click a button at the Post Edit Toolbar, on which, hovering, you can see their keyboard shortcuts.

And now...

Use the Power wisely!!

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