[HowTo] Convert Manjaro to EndeavourOS

Yeah, EOS is not bad, and perhaps a very good choice for some

But I am embarrassed that here we have a bus to OS.
Normally, when we leave manjaro we go to archlinux or old os. Here nobody has the classic idea of going to archlinux? And why this arch installer, there are many others like garuda (closer to manjaro in terms of tools). Nor anyone for fedora, opensuse? so I have a bad impression of a bus of fan boys or a bus of sheep who do not choose the best os for them.

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Because Arch kernels have the same name always (linux, linux-lts, etc) and you only install once. Grub only cares about names at /boot/*.

I cleaned up some of the off-topic conversation. Can we try to keep the conversation here related to the tutorial or at least EndeavourOS?


After successful conversion, I've run my system for a whole working day without issues. But I didn't see any EndeavourOS (EOS) specific stuff. The system is just like pure Arch. So to me, those conversion related to EOS seemed unnecessary.

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You need to install the package eos-hooks

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Thanks! I install a few eos-xxx packages. Now I can see some of the features. The Welcome launcher is actually a nice tool.


Yeah, the Welcome launcher is pretty nifty. You can add your own buttons to it to have all system maintenance in one place. That's the first time I saw something like that in a Welcome app.

I’ve seen a couple familiar names on Ask Fedora, most people prefer a similar distro though, hence the move to Endeavour. The Arch forums aren’t really a place for casual conversations like we have on the Manjaro forum, so I think that is part of what stopped most people who left from going to vanilla Arch.

Have you look at ArcoLinux... I install that yesterday :relaxed: Its very nice . I do like EOS but nothing bea vanilla Arch :shushing_face: In the end i really like Manjaro and will still use it coz just great ...


When will we see the tutorial on how to convert an EndeavourOS installation to Manjaro?



When the frog jumps with a cannonball in the water ? :frog:


It already exists (since about a year ago):


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