Howto install GUEST Account


how do i install a guest account, where all data will be deleted after logout?


I mean, you can add a user on the command line, but that gets a little more complicated...(<- Read as: Don't do this):
useradd -mc MyUser
That doesn't add said user to any groups for anything either. For example, if you want the user to be able to use sudo:
user -mc MyUser -G wheel

I guess on KDE, it's too easy.
Settings> user accounts>click on +icon

I think what the OP is looking for is not to add an account, but to create an account that is wiped clean every time. My understanding is that the *buntus would use LightDM to mount a randomly generated user's home directory on top of /tmp. Kubuntu users lost this when migrating from LightDM to SDDM.

Here is a discussion from Arch:

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ahh its at manjaro-settings/user accounts.
For starters I can set: autologin, guest. The delete things after logout i have to check. (A message-box said: disk and storage were deactivated) Adding a file to the desktop and log out did not delete it. Also Browser settings, history should not be saved.., and related things..

Which groups do i have to add (or to remove..) else for a guest-account?


Yes, on lubuntu workstations i have many, many temp accounts. So ubuntu manages to have fresh guest sessions, by generating a completely new one! Crazy :smile:

What about this?

I am not a programmer, but I guess you have to write a bash file to do that; something like:
delete config file of the guest on logout.

slightly misleading tag on this thread. guest-additions relates specifically to virtualbox. anyway back on topic, @LinuxFreak are you trying to setup a kiosk mode here? it seems to be the desired end result. I've done this with ubuntu (which had a kiosk mode) before for a hotel reception machine usable by guests but not tried it with manjaro yet so I'm interested if it can be achieved.

Hi, yes i'm thinking of

rm -r /home/guest/
rm -r /home/guest/Downloads
rm -r /home/guest/Documents
rm -r /home/guest/Desktop
rm -r /home/guest/Pictures

and so on, at login or after log out.

No, i do not intend a kiosk mode. (I think, kiosk is full screen with disabled features, e.g. for info screens or test suites for doing examens) I intend to have a fresh browser with nothing saved from the previous guest. The question is, how to do that.

For the guest-account, I need to adapt /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf There are many quest variables. But i'll test the rm command on another machine. Not that i delete accidentally my working dir. :smile:

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