HOWTO: RPi 4 Root on USB SSD


Here's how I got my root fs over to the USB SSD:

mSATA SSD USB 3.0 Adapter

Dogfish mSATA 256GB

1 - fdisk to create a single linux partition on the SATA drive

2 - Changed /boot/cmdline.txt to reference root=/dev/sda1.

3 - Reboot

4 - Used e2label to remove the ROOT label from the old SDcard partition and added ROOT to the new partition on /dev/sda1

5 - Edited /etc/fstab to add LABEL=ROOT / ext4 defaults,noatime 0 0.

6 - Rebooted

All set!! Only thing I could still do is remove the partition from the sd card if I wanted to. Might even set up a nightl rsync to copy the SSD back to the SDcard as a back up but probably not worth it.



This looks really cool. Can you tell me the model of the cpu cooler?

It's the GeekPi Case with ICE Tower Cooler :slight_smile:

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I used an even simpler approach some years ago.

It is as simple as

  1. copying the content of the root to a usb device - anything ext formatted will do.
  2. modifying the boot.txt on the sdcard to use the new device for root
  3. leaving the sdcard as is and reboot

I guess the rpi4 is different in that regard - I haven't had the time to get one and play with it. :slight_smile:

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It's probably the same. I just didn't want KDE to still show the drive as removable.

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