HP Elitebook doesn't boot (or load SDDM) when connected to docking station

Since Manjaro latest stable update, I have an issue on a HP Elitebook that works with a docking station. When plugged in to the docking station, the laptop doesn't boot anymore (it is stuck in the black "HP Sure Start" screen and doesn't seem to load SDDM). Now, in order to switch it on, I have to unplug it from the docking station, log in and only then connect it back to the docking station. At the moment I plug it to the docking station, some effects are disabled and I have to press Alt + Shift + F12 to enable them again. Then it works fairly well. This issue occurs with kernels 5.6.19 and 5.7.9. I've installed also kernel 5.4.52 LTS and with this one boot works fine. But then I have issues with mic/audio (see here: No sound card found - HP Elitebook ).

Any hint?

About animations problems, in settings compositor uncheck allow other apps disable compositions or some like that.
I don't know about docking stations but I'll look into it, I'm looking to buy one for myself

Hmm I've just done it, rebooted the laptop and still the same problem...

Graphics card,drivers?

Be sure your bios and docking station firmwares are up to date (if available).

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