HP Envy 13z: Stuck at Started TLP system startup/shutdown

Hi everyone,
Today I tried entering the Live version of Manjaro from a USB flash drive (created with Rufus) on my new laptop.
It's a HP Envy 13z with Ryzen 5 (2500U) and Vega 8.
As the title says I'm stuck in that part and reading another entries of the forum lots of people have the same problem (Although most them are Intel users), the only solution I've read it's installing Manjaro through Manjaro Architect. Honestly I'm not very confortable with that solution so I was wondering if there's another one....

you could try this boot option:


Please see this tutorial for Architect install if you change your mind or this tutorial for more information about Ryzen problems and fixes.

Recently I tried changing to Legacy Boot which solved the resolution of the screen and also added the line to the config but still stuck on the same phase. What weirds me out is that the system doesn's crush, I can still etner tty for example. I think it's more a problem with Vega 8 than Ryzen.

Yeah, could be. I have a similar laptop with the same APU and did not get it to work without Architect unfortunately. Might possibly be solved with a new kernel in the live (install) session. It is possible to update the kernel for the boot media, however I do not know how.

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