HP LaserJet 1018 not printing

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I want to connect my old HP LJ 1018 to Manjaro xfce. The printer is connected to Airport Express 1st gen. We are using this printer through LAN. So - to print we change the network from WAN to LAN and we can print from any of our Apple or Windows computers. I can't connect the router to WAN, because I do not have access to main router and no network cables are in our apartment. So we can only use our printer on WIFI which is not connected to internet. That means that my linux machine can't be connected to printer and to WAN at the same time. I found that printer in the network but can't install drivers - no WAN. If I am on WAN I can't see the printer. I downloaded the drivers from HP site and moved them to my linux machine. No clue where to put them so they can be accessed.
My question is - how to install Airport printer on my linux without possibility to use internet on that machine while connected to printer network?

Manjaro 19.0.2 xfce, kernel



All of this is not working. There is no connection to the printer and on HP Device Manager no printers are detected.

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