HP Probook 455 6G won't boot to installer.

I have a hp probook 455 g6. The installer won't boot furher than this:

After a while it will black screen and try to reboot with HP logo, but the reboot doesn't advance anywhere.

Do you have a locked UEFI Bios?

I don't know what you mean by locking.

[edit] I do have UEFI bios.

  1. Did you follow the Official :tm: Uefi :tm: Manjaro :tm: Guidelines :tm: ? (or did you wipe Windows and never tried to Dual boot)
  1. When taking pictures from screens:
  • Clean the screen first
  • Don't use a flash!

:wink: :grin: :innocent:

I must admit I didn't read installation instructions. I just resized windows partition and flashed a manjaro usb stick. Umm... Disk Management describes those dark blue partitions being as primary (https://gyazo.com/584becbf50db172c9ec48f7045012d24). Does that mean they're bios partitions? :smiley: Thanks for the answer and the link. Starting to read it now.

That link of yours just shows a white page for me (but then I have all cookies blocked). Best is to use the little picture button in your reply (Upload) on this forum itself to post screenshots.

  • If you would have any specific questions on the link I provided, please feel free to ask.


All your partitions are primary as you are using a GPT layout. The one read by your computer's firmware for boot information is marked EFI. Do not allow the installer to format that during installation if you want to be able to boot into Windows still.

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