HP-X2-210 G1 for a trouble-free experience

Hello , i have a Hp x2 210 g1 tablet-laptop which had win 10 and it runs very slow .

I just want everything to work in my laptop and be light as i can . I decided to install manjaro xfce , eveything worked fine except for the web cam but i dont mind . After 10 minutes everything freezes . Please give me a solution . Im newbie

Please have a look here. Specially:

Welcome to Manjaro forum and good luck!

Lacking more definitive information, check your power settings.

Im very new in all of these , the power is full . I have seen it when im browsing . Please guide me , cause manjaro xfce is very good

Goto Menu > Settings > Power Manager

what i have to see there ?

Read and think.

Any luck @demotapa?

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