hplip can't download plugin

i have a HP P1102 laser printer which used to work great. However after the last stable update it wants a new plugin installation, but this hangs, no progress. Is the site down which provides the binary plugin?
Here is the output of 'sudo hplip -setup -i' (last lines only):


Checking for network connection...
Downloading plug-in from: 
Downloading plug-in: [\                                                 ] 0%     warning: manjaro linux distro is not found in AUTH_TYPES

Then it hangs.

Any ideas? Is the plugin site down?


A ppd file for that device already exists in /usr/share/ppd/HP after installing HP Device Manager.
Using the HP Device Manager gui should automatically pick up and install that ppd file. Would that work?

I don't see a hplip command anywhere on my system.

Maybe this is relevant (?):

The HP device manager wants a .run file. The permissions are not the problem, i already applied the hint after update.
But what helped was to download manually the plugin from https://developers.hp.com/sites/default/files/hplip-3.20.3-plugin.run and then point the device manager to it.

A bit annoying, but i often have problems with the HP SW after an update. It seems that the plugins are not automatically updated.

Anyway, thanks for trying to help me.


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