hplip problems on manjaro-i3

I'm having trouble getting my old HP Laserjet p1102w working on my recent manjaro-i3 install. I suspect there may be a problem with how hplip is installed, as I can access it only through bauh and not dmenu, and I can't get it to stay in my system tray past a logout or restart. My issue may be similar to the one discussed in this thread, but I'm not sure.
I've got the printer working once through hp-setup, but then it wouldn't after a logout or restart (I forget which). The system "remembers" the printer, which is to say it's in the list of printers if I try to print from some app, but it's always listed as paused and I can't print from it.

the p1102w is one of the printers that also requires hplip-plugin. it's in the AUR.

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