Httpd.service - Apache Web Server Failed error

I install lamp someday before that time I face same problem then soomene help me to solve it but this happen again when I run 'sudo systemctl status httpd' Below picture rsult shown
my httpd.conf
and php.ini


sudo journalctl -b0 -u httpd --no-pager

to see the complete error.

Then start fixing one by one. I would start with the error log location problem. Apache needs to have write access to that folder, and the folder needs to be there.

many problem and don't know solution

I looks like your main problem is that /var/log/httpd is missing. All the other errors I've seen before, and they don't stop the startup. Run:

sudo mkdir /var/log/httpd

Then try starting apache again.

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Not so many. You need to read the error massages.

One error massage says that there is no httpd folder in /var/log . Create one! Also make sure the apache user ( normally http ) has write access to it.

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thanks all.Its works .I need to read error message properly

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