Hunspell de frami

Hello, for me as a former Ubuntu/Debian User, there is just one thing missing in Manjaro:
the hunspell_de_frami dictionary, that can be found in Ubuntu and Debian.
It is vastly superior to the traditional hunspell_de Dictionary that is used in LibreOffice in Manjaro.
I am using LibreOffice for writing on a daily basis, and the difference is really huge, I am literly saving time with hunspell_de_frami as my Spellchecker in LibreOffice.
Manjaro should include hunspell_de_frami in the same repository as hunspell_de, so the users choose by themselves.

Greetins, Tom

Many Hunspell languages are actually not included in the repo by default.

My primary language (danish) is not, I have to get that from AUR.
But I see de-frami is not even in the AUR...

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Do you know the upstream source for this package? I can't find it. For example the Debian package contains the de frami dictionary, but no links to the source. By checking the files it looks like they extracted the dictionary files form the Openoffice extension.

This is the same as the Openoffice extension. Still no real upstream source.

the text on the page suggests that that IS the source. the only thing listed upstream from that is also a libreoffice extension, and that one is no longer maintained.

This extension published by Karl Zeiler is the new German standard dictionary. It will add German dictionaries containing spell checking and hyphenation patterns as well as a large thesaurus. The "frami" dictionary includes the complete word list of Björn Jacke's igerman98 and additional numerous supplements by Franz Michael Baumann according to the reform of 2006. This package is localized to Germany . Even other German localizations are available (Austria or Switzerland). Detecting errors or missing words, please contact the extension author via e-mail.

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