Hybrid AMD/NVIDIA set up

Not easy to describe.
You may find this useful.

prime: uses the nvidia gpu full-time, no launch parameters needed, everything works as it should including external monitors.

render-offload: xorg runs on the nvidia gpu so it can never be fully powered down, running apps/games on the nvidia requires launch paramters (2 actually, one for vulkan and another for glx). no support for external monitors so your video outputs become useless.


Doesn't using prime consumes lot of battery power?

thats the thing, it depends on the user and how the laptop is gonna be used. mine is connected to AC power most of the time so power usage is the least of my concerns but when i need to stretch power i switch to intel only mode via optimus-switch, everything is run on the intel iGPU and the nvidia dGPU is powered down.

if you travel with the laptop you could just stay in intel mode and only boot nvidia mode when you need the nvidia performance. but you at least have the option to power down the gpu, render-offload makes that impossible and it also breaks any possibility of using external displays. i can not for the life of me understand why anyone would want to use render offload but to each their own i guess. :man_shrugging:

and keep in mind that even when using prime mode, the nvidia gpu is still able to scale up and down based on demand so it's power draw is nothing crazy but certainly noticeable. your GPU is of the same turing architecture as RTX without the ray tracing and the power management on it is better than the previous generations.

this thread however is not the place to discuss it since it's months old. if you want help setting up optimus-switch to work with your ryzen/nvidia hybrid graphics setup just create a new thread and link it here or include @dglt anywhere and i'll be alerted.


Thanks a lot for all the help and great explanation :slight_smile:


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