i am installing alarm clock applet

hello people i am tring to install alarm-clock-applet but it not installing can u people help me out
make && sudo make install
i am using this commands to install this software


No we can not

give me an access to your pc I will read what it says during installation.

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What vodo means to say is that we cant help if we cant see whats going on.
It would be better if you shared the output.

Also see this:


I found alarm-clock-applet in AUR it looks outdated and for Gnome
where did you get that program?


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :yawning_face:

kalarm is up to date and in the repos, but adds some dependencies (at least for me):

$ sudo pacman -S kalarm
[sudo] password for mparillo: 
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...

Packages (29) akonadi-20.04.3-1  akonadi-calendar-20.04.3-1  akonadi-contacts-20.04.3-1  akonadi-mime-20.04.3-1
              akonadi-notes-20.04.3-1  akonadi-search-20.04.3-2  jemalloc-1:5.2.1-3  kalarmcal-20.04.3-1
              kcalutils-20.04.3-1  kdav-1:5.72.0-1  kdepim-runtime-20.04.3-2  kidentitymanagement-20.04.3-1
              kimap-20.04.3-1  kldap-20.04.3-1  kmailtransport-20.04.3-1  kmbox-20.04.3-1  kmime-20.04.3-1
              kpimtextedit-20.04.3-1  ksmtp-20.04.3-1  libakonadi-20.04.3-1  libkdepim-20.04.3-1  libkolabxml-1.1.6-13
              mariadb-10.4.13-1  mariadb-clients-10.4.13-1  mariadb-libs-10.4.13-1  pimcommon-20.04.3-1
              qt5-networkauth-5.15.0-1  xerces-c-3.2.3-1  kalarm-20.04.3-1

Yes, Kalarm would be my choice... though for desktop I generally just use a timer (Fokus on plasma).

pamac install kalarm

To install (29):
akonadi 20.04.3-1 extra 860.7 kB
akonadi-calendar 20.04.3-1 extra 500.5 kB
akonadi-contacts 20.04.3-1 extra 547.8 kB
akonadi-mime 20.04.3-1 extra 187.0 kB
akonadi-notes 20.04.3-1 extra 33.6 kB
akonadi-search 20.04.3-2 extra 260.9 kB
jemalloc 1:5.2.1-3 extra 359.6 kB
kalarm 20.04.3-1 extra 2.6 MB
kalarmcal 20.04.3-1 extra 285.4 kB
kcalendarcore 5.72.0-1 extra 1.3 MB
kcalutils 20.04.3-1 extra 302.9 kB
kdav 1:5.72.0-1 extra 412.5 kB
kdepim-runtime 20.04.3-2 extra 3.1 MB
kidentitymanagement 20.04.3-1 extra 112.5 kB
kimap 20.04.3-1 extra 242.8 kB
kldap 20.04.3-1 extra 175.6 kB
kmailtransport 20.04.3-1 extra 257.0 kB
kmbox 20.04.3-1 extra 30.3 kB
kmime 20.04.3-1 extra 174.6 kB
kpimtextedit 20.04.3-1 extra 358.4 kB
ksmtp 20.04.3-1 extra 60.5 kB
libakonadi 20.04.3-1 extra 1.9 MB
libkdepim 20.04.3-1 extra 397.7 kB
libkgapi 20.04.3-1 extra 504.8 kB
libkolabxml 1.1.6-13 extra 674.3 kB
mariadb 10.4.13-1 extra 33.6 MB
mariadb-clients 10.4.13-1 extra 1.9 MB
pimcommon 20.04.3-1 extra 429.1 kB
xerces-c 3.2.3-1 extra 1.5 MB

Total download size: 53.1 MB
Total installed size: 359.6 MB
Apply transaction ? [y/N]

would be a very large install for me too - even on KDE, I'm looking at 29 packages, a 53MB download and 360MB installed size - that's pretty huge...

For personal alarms I confess that I tell my phone to set countdown timers or alarms - then I still get the reminder if I go make tea in the kitchen :wink:

Anyway, maybe you can find out more here:

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