I broke my system with syslinux

Hi, I try to install KolibriOS on USB and with the tutorial I put that commands:

sudo cp /usr/lib/syslinux/bios/memdisk /dev/sdb
sudo syslinux -s /dev/sdb

That second command give error that is not fat partition so I find on arch forum something like this:

sudo syslinux-install_update -i -a -m /dev/sdb  
Syslinux Bios install sukccessful
Boot flag set - /dev/sda1
Installed MBR (usr/lib/syslinux/bios/mbr.bin) to /dev/sda

No I see Archlinux Grub that don't work.
Can I fix this or maybe just format my /boot partition ?

What did KolibriOS say? https://kolibrios.org/en/

I don't read this, I follow tutorial in Linux Magazine.

I don't know about fixing your KolibriOS, but if you want to get back your Manjaro grub,
Use your Manjaro install media and configfile to boot Manjaro.
After booting up Manjaro,

sudo grub-install /dev/sda

But if you had formatted your (separate) /boot partition, it is no longer rescueable, you will need to reinstall (without formatting root partition).

I don't care about this Kolibri OS, I have separate /boot partition, so I have to launch Manjaro installer and just format /boot and mount rest of partitions?

No!! Do not format anything.

Just use configfile at the link and "sudo grub-install /dev/sda"

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I format my /boot partition :confused: so I must format also system / ?

If you had formatted /boot, you cannot rescue it.
The link won't help either.
If you haven't formatted anything, do not format anything. You can try the link.

Can you tell us if you had formatted anything?
I still don't understand what you are trying to say or ask.

I think you had formatted /boot, so during reinstallation, you don't have to format / root (system), faster and better, you can format if you want. I also suggest you do not use a separate boot partition this time. It is easier and not necessary to have separate boot. If this is more confusing, just install like you install a new OS.

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Sory, now I read my first post. I don't write it clear. I just want to fix my Manjaro. I format /boot partition with Antegros USB and I think I need to copy some grub files on it.
It's OK now I format /boot partition and mount others with Manjaro installer from USB, now it's working.
Thanks for help.

For future reference:

  • I formatted = is something that already happened
  • I format = is something that is happening now or going to happen in the future
  • I'm going to format = something that is going to happen in the future.

It is difficult to understand the situation and give advice if the temporal forms are unclear. But I understand that English is not your first language.


Thanks for advice, I will remember that :slight_smile: Polish is my first language.

Cool. I wish I knew polish so I could read Andrzej Sapkowski without translations...

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He is great :slight_smile: but I reccomend Jarosław Grzędowicz - Pan Lodowego Ogrodu - the best fantasy book :smiley:

@gohlip This is the moment, I could see you raising your eyes and slightly panicking :smile: I had a feeling you also held back.

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