I can’t right click to create new folder or drag files except in home and desktop directory

I can do it by writing sudo mkdr in terminal, but it's useless if you can't drag archive with important things. I've turned off "user session default" in both hdds in program called gnome disks, but nothing have changed. In gparted both use ext4 file system.

You can open any other location as root through Thunar's context menu.

:warning:Needless to say that you should exercise care with what you will do as root in those locations since it can potentially/possibly damage your system.

If i could i would made this post

Shall I interpret this (polite ?) response of yours as "I dont have "open as root" option" in Thunar's context menu?

Good bye and better luck with next respondent!

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If it's a folder you created yourself for data purpose and not a system folder you can just change permissions or the owner of that folder.

man chmod
man chown

Or with any GUI that let you do it as root

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