I cannot believe this finally works

I've been using Linux on and off for the last 3 years or so. Yesterday, after about a year of using Manjaro, I finally got my setup 100% working.

I've got an XPS 15 9550 with integrated graphics and a GTX 960M dedicated GPU plugged into a docking station that provides two additional monitors via DisplayLink. This combination of graphics drivers has been the bane of my existence, as DisplayLink and Nvidia hate each other, not to mention the normal problems with Nvidia vs intel.

I have finally found the solution to my problems. Following the arch wiki page on displaylink gets my docking station working perfectly fine. Installed video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-440xx-prime through mhwd. This broke the X display server somehow, but I fixed it by adding the xorg.conf from the arch wiki.

Installed Steam and configured it to launch using prime-run. Launched my favorite game (Sid Meier's Civilization VI) and it immediately crashed. Checked protondb and a quick settings change later and it works!

I may actually be able to delete my Windows 10 partition once I graduate college now.

TL;DR: All hail the Arch Wiki!


Arch wiki is the best, sometimes I find good info in Gentoo wiki (which is more about topic not full of links to other topics)


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