I can't get my Xbox 360 controller to work!

I just installed Steam on my Manjaro machine and I can't even use my controller on it!!! I know i did have xpad already preinstalled on the system, and I did install xboxdrv on it, but HOW DO I ENABLE IT?!?!? I have absolutely NO EXPERIENCE with terminal commands whatsoever!!!
I know there is this: http://www.cupoflinux.com/SBB/index.php?topic=483.0
but I don't even want an account on the forums just to download the files!!!

You find some information about it in the Arch wiki ...

I DID try it! All I could see after installing the driver was to start up "xboxdrv.service", but the terminal sees it as an unrecognizable command!

What is the error you're getting? Did you blacklist xpad first? rmmod xpad && systemctl start xboxdrv

It does disable xpad, but it still doesn't work! The controller still flashes all four LEDs, even before I started installing the drivers!

try unplug the Xbox controller, then plug it in again. After boot, it also does not work at mine. When i replug it, it works

Why didn't I think of that before?! I feel so stupid and like a horrible person just not realizing to unplug and replug the controller!
But after a few minutes, the joystick control gets a bit stuck at certain points. I'll try xpad again and see if replugging works with that driver.

Actually, when I tried to do that, on the desktop, when I move the joystick in a direction, it always moves the cursor around! And worse, when I press the right trigger and let go, now the mouse won't stop flying upwards to the top unless I unplug the controller again! How do I fix that?!
Sorry for being so disrespectful on earlier posts, by the way.

I found the solution to that! All I had to do was just disable the controller in the Mouse and Trackpad settings! At first, I thought disabling it would just turn the controller off, but when I did it, it just solved the controller as a mouse issue!

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