I can't install manjaro xfce alongside my windows

I am trying to make a dual boot with manjaro, i already have a dual boot with ubuntu and i wanted to try manjaro. My problem is, after i downloaded the ISO, created a boot USB, and started using the manjaro from the USB. I decided to install it on my computer, i followed the steps in the manual, but when i tried entering the grub, it said, "no files found, entering recovery mode". What did i do wrong?

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missing last step
grub efi install , and entry in Efi boot bios

have you got an error at the end on install ?

I tried all the tutorials and the tips that you guys gave me, it dosen't work, everytime it goes in grub rescue mode, and i tried going in the grub in there, i don't know what to do, i really want to try manjaro but is really hard to install, maybe i have to erase all my disc and put just him as my OS, idk

try an older ISO or DE (kde or gnome), and use etcher balena to write it to usb stick, and maybe remove ubuntu before all that, or look into boot options in BIOS...

please clone your drive with clonezilla first, if you want to save all the dual boot, and backup your data.


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