I can't open my trash folder anymore


Please, I am having a new problem after the latest update of Manjaro.

My Trash folder is not opening but instead, I am getting the following error:

Could not make folder /home/kenshiwara/.local/share/Trash

Note: "kenshiwara" is my username and I am the only user on my system. I am running the latest version of Manjaro KDE and the latest kernel (5.4).

I am also getting the same error when the system boots.

Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Can you manually create it by way of the command line?

mkdir -p /home/kenshiwara/.local/share/Trash

If it doesn't work, take note of the error message ─ there will be one, and it's important that you tell us ─ and then try this... :arrow_down:

sudo chown -R kenshiwara:kenshiwara /home/kenshiwara 
mkdir -p /home/kenshiwara/.local/share/Trash
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Thank you very much for your reply.

Here is the error message that I am getting when typing your command above:

mkdir: cannot create directory β€˜/home/kenshiwara/.local/share/Trash’: Bad message

Trying the second set of commands is also triggering a "bad message" suffix after every command.

Here is a pastebin of the error message:

Okay, I've done some Google'ing, and according to what I found, "Bad message" seems to indicate filesystem corruption. Either you shut down the computer uncleanly at some point, or you've attempted an fsck on an already mounted filesystem.

I would suggest booting up with a live distro and running fsck on the filesystem that holds /home on your computer. Then, try booting up again from the installed system and see what gives. :thinking:


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