I can't seem to set a Discourse forum as a homepage in Firefox.

Okay so this is pretty weird. I have this forum (https://archived.forum.manjaro.org/) as my homepage on Firefox and, after this most recent update, it just sends me to about:blank. After some more testing using sites like https://ask.fedoraproject.org/ as my homepage, the same thing happens.

Can some of you guys test this yourselves? Trying in a VM, I couldn't seem to replicate it. If so, I'll report it to the projects involved. If not, can any of you give me an idea of what is going on?

I've tried it here with firefox-appmenu-bin, version 77.0.1, but I cannot replicate it. Setting the Manjaro forum as my home page works flawlessly here.


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Very, very weird. I tried it on my laptop too and the same issue occurred. Maybe it's a Firefox sync thing.

No issues here as well with 77.0.1, setting the homepage to Manjaro forum ( or anything else ) works as expected.

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It seems that this only occurs when starting new instances. Does that change anything?

If your talking about a new tab then mine comes up blank as that's how I have it set in Perferences, Home.

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I don't think there's any way for a new tab to display the home page anymore in recent Firefox iterations. It's either a blank page or what is called "Firefox Home", which is that speed-dial-like page with the snippets and thumbnails.

That which is set under the home page ─ i.e. the page you get to see when you click the :house: button ─ is only shown for new windows, never for new tabs. :wink:

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You can check in your current Firefox profile folder user.js and/or prefs.js if you have user_pref("browser.startup.homepage", "about:blank"); or user_pref("browser.newtabpage.enabled", false); set.

The easiest way to open and navigate to your current Firefox profile folder (if you are not aware where it is) is via Help > Troubleshooting Information then click Open Directory on Profile Directory setting.

I tried messing with this and everything seemed okay. Strangest part is that, after deleting all of my configuration stuff and restarting the browser, the issue still occurred without any modifications other than changing the homepage...

Strangely, using Firefox 78 actually fixes this issue. Same with the Flatpak version of Firefox 77. Even launching a new instance with that profile seems to work... I am extremely confused right now. This must be a packaging issue on the part of Manjaro.

Same here. Using 'Manajro Hello' to go to the forum page leads to a blank page in Firefox 77.0 from Manjaro Stable repositories

I have the same issue , not a deal breaker though it is annoying . Just not enough to switch branches or go to the dev version yet .

Hello, so a few months ago I posted about a problem I was having with Firefox here. The TL;DR was that opening a page on startup with infinite scrolling and using a GTK theme for the browser would cause the user to just see a blank page. Anyways, reported this here on Mozilla's Bugzilla and, after some more testing, realized that this doesn't show up in the Flatpak version of Firefox...

Unless someone in the bug report gets back to me saying that they were able to replicate the problem, I think this is a Manjaro-specific issue. I was looking through the source files on Gitlab and I can see that the only patch is 0001-Use-remoting-name-for-GDK-application-names.patch. I'm actually trying to compile the package without the patch at the moment, but that might take a while. Could this be what's causing the problem or can anyone give me any insight on this?

I know this isn't the most serious issue in the world, but I still really think it should be fixed if Manjaro is going to ship Firefox by default for most of its editions. I should also mention that I found this by setting my homepage to the Manjaro forums, which is something I WOULD recommend other users to do if not for this issue.

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Are you sure it isn't an issue with your profile? Since nobody else seems to be able to replicate it, it must be something specific to your installation.

Have you tried creating a new user account and testing it there?

Unfortunately, this doesn't tell us much. Running Firefox in a container changes too many variables at once.

While it is possible, it isn't the most likely scenario. Since it works for the rest of us it is more likely it is something in your specific install or configuration.

Umm, what? People were saying that they were having issues with it too here on the forum. Also yes, I did try several different profiles, users, etc and, remember, this only started after the version was bumped up to 77 or so. Therefore, I think this is still a universal problem.

I decided to test your statement.

I use the settings menu - the :hamburger: -> preferences and set the startup page to the forum - just as you describe.

I closed all browsers and reopened firefox - and I was stunned that I didn't get the startpage I set - until - ahh - I need to remove the restore previous session setting.

So - redoing the closing and opening a fresh session - tadaaa - the forum is the start page.

So - I have no idea what the culprit is for your system - did you modify anything remotely connected to this using the about:config page or any other internalities of firefox?

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I did not modify anything in about:config and this occurs even with new users and on my laptop with Manjaro. Actually, when I was using a test user, it seemed to work if I was using matcha-sea as the GTK theme while it failed using matcha-dark-sea.

You got me - please tell - how can a theme affect which website a browser is - if configured to do so - is opening when a new session is started?

Well obviously Firefox uses your theme to decide if certain pages should be displayed in dark mode. So, it could be a styling issue or something maybe?

Also when you say

Does that mean that you were able to replicate the issue? Sorry, I might be misinterpreting it.

I cannot replicate the issue - not under any circumstance.

Some dark GTK themes can cause input fields to have dark text on dark background but it will never cause firefox the startpage to med dysfunctional.

So as you stated a theme change would change firefox behavior - I am curios to how you can make that happen.

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