I can't successfully burn an image with balena etcher


I use Manjaro Gnome (5.3 kernel) and I'm trying to burn the Manjaro KDE Minimal iso into a pendriver 8gb, but everytime I got this error: "Attention. Something went wrong. If it's a compressed image, please check that the archive is not corrupted". Then, I cheked and it's not corrupted:

[denielt@denielt-pc Documentos]$ sha1sum manjaro-kde-18.1.3-minimal-191117-linux53.iso
3da4dce0b9e2f78fa1428ee94232ae7ae743b715  manjaro-kde-18.1.3-minimal-191117-linux53.iso

The exactly same code from the official website, I downloaded it 1 time using browser, and 2 times using torrent, I don't know what to do anymore, I only know how to use balena etcher cause I'm still a newbie.

Thanks for your help.

Try Suse studio Image Writer.


I did not know that this program existed in Manjaro

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Turn off validation in settings then format the drive and turn it back on

It would work but I did have a bit of trouble finding it and it wouldn’t pick up my rpi’s sad card

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