I dont get it...one file vs a lot of files

Hi all,
I (having some..."maturity") was looking at the emulator of one of my first loves: the C64 emulator: vice.
Pacman reports one file to be installed, the files section in pamac reports a ton of files...starting from the /usr/bin and on.
So...what gives? One file gets brought in and THAT spawns an install afterwards? Or...
I'm confused, gang... :confused:
:peace_symbol: :sunflower: :peace_symbol:

I guess what Pacman calls 1 file is 1 package, consisting of many actual files.

Ah...okay...that could explain the "Dr. Who" trick :slight_smile:

Good way to inspect the contents of a package is with pkgfile.

Update your system package meta data using

sudo pkgfile -u

Then use it to explore the contents of a package

pkgfile -l [package]

Sue, I seem to recall that a while back Manjaro didn't support pkgfile. That changed?


pacui's "list package file" option shows 372 files (just files, not folders!), which get installed by the "vice" package. 13 of those files get installed to your path, which means that 13 "programs" get installed by the "vice" package.

pacui uses these commands:

sudo pacman -Fy
pacman -Fl vice

when "vice" is already installed on your system, you can use this command to see all files:

pacman -Ql vice

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Thanks, @sueridgepipe. I apologize for not 'searching' first myself. I love pkgfile.


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as far as i know, "pkgfile" is not installed by default on manjaro systems, at least not on manjaro net/lxqt.
but manjaro supports file databases for their repositories (this was supported by arch linux for a little longer). this makes it possible for "pkgfile" to work.

but instead of "pkgfile", you can use file databases with "pacman -F" directly. look at pacman's man page (section "file options") to see what you can do with it.


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