I don't understand any of this

I'm a bit puzzled & distressed by the tone of implied entitlement the OP is using here, together with apparent abrogation of personal responsibility to put in the mandatory hard work & hours+days+weeks of personal research & experimentation, to learn. Given the posts, this also surprises me:


I don't believe you. There's no way you have all the votes for the primary in North Carolina!


Wonder if OP will be using The app... ?



You lost me there. The app?


Thought I was the only one who watched that all day on TV today. :wink:


I'm allergic. :sneezing_face:


A wise use of your time in-Country will help. The resources are unlimited. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Manjaro (not Arch) Linux! :smiley:


I'm from Iowa, surprised this made it to the forum!


I just read that. The developer's are blaming the infrastructure behind the issue, and I believe them. I know for a fact many of the polling stations are setup at churches and I'm not sure of other locations. I can promise that the networks at churches are not of high quality. My only question, how good was the infrastructure of the app developers when receiving all of that data?


Ah I guess since you only worked with code (Python, Basic), you don't know what a desktop is.

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oh it never told me what basics i was studying oddly enough and i was supposed to get 3/4 other certs but the school year ended so they gave me what i had

*comptia is where i got my cert

  1. puzzed indeed you were there was never was any entitlement. its more of i didn't know how to properly ask for help here and was more i was trapped by my inability to understand the answers given to me so i panicked/kinda shot myself in the foot while looking for help.
    . 2. im new to manjaro and i didn't make the forum account right away was googling ■■■■ and trying to figure out everything hands on.
    3.please give me some slack ive only used windows for most of my life and a tad of mac in hs
    4.lastly how did politics get involved?

yeah, they only thought me coding in python learnt how to build a website through trial and error mostly error. edgenuity made a awful course on it. think comp. sci it's been about 2 years
there was mismatched defs. answers flipped i had to bitch to the principal and they removed the class from what they offered to to take i had to google my answers and even then the right answer was mis-labeled. ex a=1 b=2
they would ask a question the answer be A but they called A b

I don't understand any of this is the heading of this topic.
Each time I have to go in to find out and each time when I leave this topic, I still wonder.
So this time, I think it is about the Iowa caucus. I'll contribute something then.
Didn't Pete Buttigieg contribute about $40,000 to the app developer that declared him the winner?
Oh, okay. That's how ambassadors get appointed as well.
Fine, your system. None of my business.
Now don't go telling others how their system sucks.

See, I added something to this topic. Happy now. :laughing:


Being as you are getting stuck on the more basic operations of any operating system, I suggest you get on to Youtube or other similar websites and watch some tutorials on how to do the things you want to do. There are loads of tutorials.

As with any tutorial, check the publication date to be as new as possible.

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thats what i been and am doing. but the most ones that pop up are unbuto even if i type manjaro so its a bit hard but im learning. and can any one help me with this wine
cmd.exe /c echo '%ProgramFiles%' returned unexpanded string '%ProgramFiles%' ... this can be caused by a corrupt wineprefix (wineboot -u may help), by an old wine, or by not owning /home/zoey/.wine i found a thread but it was unbuto

Lornez, you're gonna earn yourself a Troll Flag with this.

I'm pretty sure you'll get help with wine if you post a question in the appropriate subforum, in as coherent a manner as possible.

Good Luck!


If an oncologist doesn't understand what's deep-vein thrombosis or a particle physicist asks why sound waves don't travel through vacuum, we don't refer them to high school textbooks. We question their qualifications.

Unless they are political appointees like secretary of transport or energy.
Secretary of Defence? Whoppee!! Secretary of State? LOL!!!
President? Yahoo!!!

Are we still on topic? Don't know? Neither do I.


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