I don't understand any of this

may its helps to use windows inside virtualbox. so you could use both at the first time. BTW i maybe will switch too ubunto. maybe virtualbox is easier suported with that.

A virtualbox may help, but generally, Linux users try to get away from Windows, not try to keep it. Even easier is to dual boot Windows and Linux so there are two independently native systems. Never the Twain Shall Meet.

My old mentor didn't believe in any of this dual-booting, VMs, or "gradual" adoption process in Linux-learning. He ordered total immersion and I had no choice if I wanted his esteemed help doing so. And I did so I did.

But just as a code of moral values can be developed either on the rocky shores, or in the soft sand, any way you can and will learn Linux is a @Good Thing. :smiley:


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It more of started as a joke about using a bad app, then I defended the developers. Just so happens the app was for voting in politics.

You're going to have a hard time finding Manjaro videos. You'll find more Arch Linux videos than Manjaro, but I would suggest to stay away form those. I think you mentioned you installed KDE? So look up Ubuntu KDE, desktop operations should be the same, but package managers would be different, along with a few other things. Desktop operations should be similiar to Manjaro KDE, unless someone here knows otherwise.

I would probably start a new thread for this issue, unless you have one going already. You've marked this thread as solved.

It seems the thread has run out.

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