I find the forum's class="reply-to-tab" avatar rather frustrating *SOLVED*

From what I've discovered.

The small avatar on replies that sits in class="reply-to-tab" very confusing.

Talking about these tabreply

The forum defaults is to hide the class="reply-to-tab" when the reply happens to be directly bellow the last comment.

However I get this feeling, if the person who is writing a reply and someone is quicker than him, the class="reply-to-tab" does not appear. Resulting class="reply-to-tab" to not be shown even if there are mutliple replies ( this decision must be doen client side or I have no idea why that is) that are not related to each other and the class="reply-to-tab" is missing :frowning:

Look for example to this post I've made Manjaro i3 notifier looks strange
I've clearly replied to the user "Toundra" but the time I've finished the comment appeared above mine and the class="reply-to-tab" did not appear.

I am positive that if I've clicked the reply button after the user "romca", the class="reply-to-tab" would be present signaling I've replied to "Toundra".

It's not a huge issue when it's small topic but it's hell of a confusing when this often happens on update annoucement topic.

My question is, does it p!ss off anyone else besides me?? Or would be annoying if the class would be presented on all replies ( cause admins could modify server settings to be this case )

  • I don't care / I didn't noticed.
  • I am puzzled too.
  • I believe the feature works as intended.
  • I still don't know what's OP's problem.

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P.S - I am aware about the "Topic" reply button but I am not using that one in this scenario.

while it's working as it should, e.g. the person you reply to gets notified even if the thread doesn't indicate who you replied to for everyone else to see,

it can end up with posts looking out of context so it would be nice if the flag was always visible for replies submitted to specific people.

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That's the whole point, this could be set to have this on all replies, but it would have been even for replies sitting next to each other replying to one another.

Let me put this example.

I am user reaplying to my issue on annoucement board, It's longer and I am going to the toilet while I am replying. When I came back it's now 20 new comments bellow the one I am replying.

The best outcome would be to copy all the text user have written, cancel the reply, create a new reply and paste the text insurring the reply would not LOOK out of context.

that wouldn't matter, it's better than the current setup

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It's working as intended, but it still can be confusing.

This was brought up on the Discourse forum and the devs rejected it as a "won't fix" because it's working to their design.


This guy mentioned it can be toggled by “suppress reply directly above”, as I can't find it in the user control, I thought is an admin site's option.

EDIT: My issue is that it's not working as it's suppressing some that are not directly above!

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Oh! They did implement it! Excellent. Setting changed.


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