I got a Manjaro hoodie today!

Someone made a "Reminder to support your Distro" post on reddit and it inspired me to look for ways to donate to Manjaro. Then I found their shop and fell in love with the hoodie designs and the prices were very affordable too (50Euros shipping included).

I received the hoodie today and its so nice! The kind of hoodie that has soft fabric on the inside and feels nice to wear.

Now i'm wondering. Does Manjaro actually get a hefty amount of the money I paid? I sure hope so because I'd like to buy more stuff in the future. Especially a full-desk mouse pad if they ever add those.


Care to share what design you chose?

This one
Simple and clean design.


Great choice indeed! :wink:

You also need to get those things, and they are not expensive :slight_smile:

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