I have some problems with kivy

I want to start making simple android games on python by kivy, but I always get problems with installing auxiliary packages like "libsdl2-div". Console says:
[islambek243@manjaro ~]$ sudo pacman -S libsdl2-dev
[sudo] password for islambek243:
error: target not found: libsdl2-dev
[islambek243@manjaro ~]$ pip install libsdl2-dev
Defaulting to user installation because normal site-packages is not writeable
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement libsdl2-dev (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for libsdl2-dev
I was trying to install packages from some kivy teaching videos like this, so I want to install these packages:

1 extra/sdl2 2.0.12-2 [installed]
     A library for portable low-level access to a video framebuffer, audio output, mouse, and keyboard (Version 2)

Is that the package? Arch based distros don't tend to have dev packages.

It says here that libsdl2-dev is package

Manjaro is not Debian or Ubuntu it is derived from Archlinux. There are no dev packages per se.

Does it mean that I can't use kivy on manjaro? I can make simple graphics like this:
but maybe I will take some problems without these packages later.
Or are there analogs of packages?

I do not know, follow the tutorial, if it works it works.

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You can, see here:


he just say that manjaro/arch is not like as debian..
headers files (for development with those package) are normally included in normal package on manjaro/arch.

On debian they usualy create "-dev" package for that.

and that normally all headers file of "libsdl2-dev" on debian should be provided by "sdl2" on manjaro

if you compare the files list of libsdl2-dev on ubuntu and of sdl2 on arch/manjaro you will see that all files of the debian/ubuntu package are included in the normal package sdl2 on manjaro


thanks to everyone)

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