I installed the Flutter SDK using the snap repo and cannot find where Android studio wants the path.

I am trying to properly integrate and get the Flutter SDK to work properly on Android studio, however this is not working out because Android Studio is not recognizing the sdk directory as the sdk directory. Currently I have it going right to the bin folder, and that doesn't work and it also fails to recognize the sdk from the top level of the sdk's folder. I installed it via snap because I completely wrecked my zshrc file when I manually set the path and could not fix it and had to reinstall. it might just be that I am missing something extremely stupid below is a screenshot of the error I get. Also I can create a project via the terminal but it wont let me use the templates that way and I sort of need them for something now. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Screenshot from 2020-07-12 13-17-57

I just got it to work nevermind. I just reinstalled Android Studio from another repo.

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