I just love the Arch wiki !!!

So this is a definitely a RAVE.

I've been having trouble with postgresql and as I'm a total noob with that (I'm taking a Django course online which uses it).

What I messed up:
I updated my manjaro system as I always do, and in the process I updated postgresql.
BOOM. the database and software versions are out of sync, and I'm getting a whole bunch of cryptic error messages.

Solution ?

the wonderful Arch wiki

So, I just RTFabulousManual and guess what? it's now fixed and working. I've added postgresql to my IgnorePkg list in /etc/pacman.conf and voilà! problem solved.

Anyway, despite days of headaches, the solution was right there the whole time.

Anyway, a huge thank you and kudos to the Arch community at large!


:smiley: The Arch Wiki is kinda like Tigger--there's only one. :smiley:


So true ! It's an amazing reference for all arch based distros but even beyond. I'm humbled by the amount of work that's gone into it and by the people behind it.

I've not yet tried a pure arch install as I love manjaro but I'm sure I'll try one day.

Anyway, like all of us here I owe that community a lot, so once in a while I just want to say so :slight_smile:


As the saying goes: We're standing on the shoulders of giants.


hmm interesting.
Well as I said I'm a total noob with postgresql -and databases in general. So I just followed the advice I found on the Arch wiki that states:

To ensure you do not accidentally upgrade the database to an incompatible version, it is recommended to skip updates to the PostgreSQL packages:

And given all the steps required to update the database, I'm not sure how pacman could handle updating both the package and the database, or even if that's desirable actually?

I'll leave this to others who know more about this than I do, but thanks for your comment :+1:

Really what you should be following is every other part of that wiki section:

Upgrading major PostgreSQL versions requires some extra maintenance.


  • Official PostgreSQL upgrade documentation should be followed.
  • From version 10.0 onwards PostgreSQL changed its versioning scheme. Earlier upgrade from version 9.x to 9.y was considered as major upgrade. Now upgrade from version 10.x to 10.y is considered as minor upgrade and upgrade from version 10.x to 11.y is considered as major upgrade.

Minor version upgrades are safe to perform. However, if you do an accidental upgrade to a different major version, you might not be able to access any of your data. Always check the PostgreSQL home page to be sure of what steps are required for each upgrade. For a bit about why this is the case, see the versioning policy.

There are two main ways to upgrade your PostgreSQL database. Read the official documentation for details.

Then a bit further down on the same page you may find that there are also packaged solutions for automagically handling the upgrades. Or you could 'Manually Dump and Reload' the DB, which is also mentioned on the wiki page.

But for now technically you can hold the package to get work done, and give yourself time to read the documentation, etc.

Or whatever you want. Its up to you.

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Yep that's exactly what I did: read the whole page first and then follow it's recommendations.

I didn't want to detail all my steps here as they're irrelevant to my point: that the Arch wiki is awesome.


Yes, Arch wiki is one of the most useful websites on the entire internet. It is difficult to exaggerate how useful it is.


So, just take the best of booth worlds, win &... ääähhmmm: Manjaro & Arch (;

I love the Archwiki, and it is one of the reasons why Arch (or any Arch based variant) is the distro to use.

Unfortunately it can be pretty hard to understand for new users. I consider myself pretty good at deciphering technical jargon, but I still have a hard time grasping its meaning sometimes.

Still, it is definitely the best Linux reference source on the planet, bar none.




The documentation for Arch is exactly what made me switch from the 'buntu based stuff. It's all very clear and concise. I'm actually falling in love with i3 for the exact same thing.


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