i lost power during a thunderstorm and while i can get to grub, the system wont boot?

None of my kernels will boot. only windows boots now from grub. The grub installation is fine but manjaro now boots into the command line emergency mode. I have no idea what to do. Running the latest mate unstable. 5.3rc5, 5.2 and 5.1 will not boot, not even in fallback mode.

Use a liveUSB and boot into the system with it.
Open a terminal once you get to the live desktop and type manjaro-chroot -a
Then do a full update with sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu
Once it's complete type exit from chroot.


and invest in a UPS


Try this the Simple method first. If it fails, do the More complicated method.
After booting successfully, don't forget to update-grub. You don't need to re-create your mirrorlist, despite the majority here in this forum suggests. :scream_cat:
Unstable? Hey, you shouldn't ask those easy things... :rofl:


If all this does not help your file system could be corrupted.

Have you tried to remove "quiet" & "udev.log_priority=3" from your grub attributes during boot (if set) and analysed what's displayed?

  1. Make a backup, first.
  2. Have a look into your /etc/fstab, note your partition and FS types.
  3. Start a LIVE session and don't mount any drive.

Look for bad sectors partition by partition, this could take quiet long:

$ sudo badblocks -vs /dev/sdXY > /home/scan_result/badsectorsXY.txt

In case some blocks need repair use hdrecover:

As long as you have no encrypted partitions or a RAID, and if for example ext4 is used for a partition you could try to check the partition from the LIVE session with unmounted partition using

$ sudo fsck.ext4 /dev/sdXY

An ext3 partition can be checked accordingly with fsck.ext3.

If you only want to see what's going to happen you can use the "-n" attribute first:

$ sudo fsck.ext4 -n /dev/sdXY

some inodes were wonk. all better now. Thanks!

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