I’m new to the whole Linux thing

Been using for three days now, I’m looking to learn coding. I have my papers in computer maintenance, but that’s not what I’m here for. I’m looking to upgrade this current version to the latest one and also looking to build my skills as a programmer in time, I learn fast and always looking to grow my knowledge at things and any Field I put myself into. So I’m asking my fellow newbies, semi pro and experts alike to help grow in this industry and be one of the family for years to come... and in time can return the knowledge I’ve gain to someone in my position at a later date... thank you all for reading and looking forward to working with you all...:grin::grin::grin:


One, what hardware do you have? The i686 version of Manjaro is only for older 32-bit systems. x86 based computers have 64-bit now for at least a decade now.

Mainstream Distros are now dropping support for 32-bit systems. Arch based ones already have done so.

Are you shure with your kernel?
Available kernels for i686
Series Version
linux316 3.16.56
linux41 4.1.52
linux44 4.4.141
linux49 4.9.113
linux414 4.14.56

Yes when I open up my terminal it shows me the version I’m on

I’m using a “intel atom” system to start trying out this program before I go 64bit. Why you asked is there a problem using 32bit?.?.?:thinking:

So where can I get the support from?.?.?

32-bit Manjaro isn't officially supported anymore. It is community supported by only a few people. It really for much older computers that 32-bit.

ok well do you have a source link that i can find the support i need then?.?.?

Sorry the ones using the 32-bit will have to provide the link as I don't have it.

Thank you and fair enough by the way is there a way to tag ppl as friend to help the growth for each other to learn faster?.?.? I’m from Barbados by the way...

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Another question how can I clear a profile and give anothe admin right, if the main profile crashing?.?.?

Unfortunately I have no clue. Read the Wiki for both Arch and Manjaro perhaps?

thanks again...


I don't use 32bit but @jonathon is the 32bit master.
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thank you as well and both you guys can we communicate more so i can grow as a programmer?.?.?

To give a user admin rights they just need to be part of the wheel group
sudo usermod -g wheel <username>

You are welcome and while you should use what you can afford you will want to move to 64-bit hardware and software in the future as old hardware can and will fail without notice. And besides neither AMD or Intel makes 32-bit CPUs anymore.

i tried that on the main profile didnt work for me, also i will try it again...

Can you be more specific about what didn't work? An error message would be most helpful.

The instructions on how to keep your 32-bit installation going are here:


sudo sed -i '/# Branch = /c\Branch = x32-stable' /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf
sudo pacman-mirrors -c all
sudo pacman -Sy archlinux32-keyring-transition
sudo pacman -S archlinux32-keyring
sudo pacman -Syu

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