I’m new to the whole Linux thing

thank you as well and both you guys can we communicate more so i can grow as a programmer?.?.?

To give a user admin rights they just need to be part of the wheel group
sudo usermod -g wheel <username>

You are welcome and while you should use what you can afford you will want to move to 64-bit hardware and software in the future as old hardware can and will fail without notice. And besides neither AMD or Intel makes 32-bit CPUs anymore.

i tried that on the main profile didnt work for me, also i will try it again...

Can you be more specific about what didn't work? An error message would be most helpful.

The instructions on how to keep your 32-bit installation going are here:


sudo sed -i '/# Branch = /c\Branch = x32-stable' /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf
sudo pacman-mirrors -c all
sudo pacman -Sy archlinux32-keyring-transition
sudo pacman -S archlinux32-keyring
sudo pacman -Syu

failed to perpare transaction....could not find data base

You received that message when you ran the usermod command?

No I didn’t try to run the commands, I was going through the updated manager system...

The group one worked this time thank you all agian, one small step to becoming a programmer... :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

Time to for training BEGINS

I'm trying tp understand the promt command the instru, are giving me but i dont understand some of it can you explain to me some more on what i have to do after i put in the main command line for the updaing process?.?.?

This line tells pacman-mirrors you are using the manjaro32 branch

This updates the server list that pacman uses to have the correct repos in it

These update your keyrings

This updates the whole system

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so put each of these command after i put in the main one then to lead up for the updates?.?.?

Run them one at a time in order. If you get an error, stop.

thank you will try them now and get back to you if it works out...

one more thing can you give me a link to a good free VPN server chain?.?.?

what about this line i saw /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist after i tried to updatebut still got an error promt, what do i do now?.?.?

where do i find /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist if its on my PC?.?.?

That is literally where you find it: /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

Did you run this first?
sudo pacman-mirrors -c all

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