I’m new to the whole Linux thing

may i ask can someone without the knowledge of programming, learn in a few months the basics from videos and how far will they improve from just that cycle?.?.?

It depends on how much effort you put into it. I tried to teach myself C last year, but kept getting distracted. I was using these two manuals from Wikibooks.


hi again guys restalled to the new manjaro version and im trying to install sublime but it isnt working is there a package fix or can someone show me how to install it. i've tried the online vid's and im still not getting anywhere at this time. i saw the pyhton update, but i dont want to use python at this time...

What is the error message that pops up and shows in the terminal?

i tried another sudo option and it installed, but now the system updated and im at sometimes the system freezes up and i have to power down by holding my PS button. what can i do to fix this?.?.?

Your replies are not very useful for those who are willing to help you. You haven't posted any information from hardware, so here you are. Read carefully an give some info.

fair enough i will look for the info and get back to you all soon enough...

What did you do to the system!?!?!?!? You might want to start over, go slow, and test things at each step...it sounds like you mucked with something you shouldn't muck with....

Good. You need paper, not a computer. May I suggest a yellow legal pad and plenty of #2 pencils? (bad quote) You may or may not want to learn Linux later, and maybe even Manjaro.

You are very enthusiastic and that's a great attitude to have in starting your journey. But it's going to be a long one, so you will need to learn to walk before you can run.

And if you are going to learn Linux then you must be willing to do the work yourself. But you are very fortunate! Because every question you have has an answer, and the probability is very, very high that the answer is searchable and applicable to you.

You are gonna break stuff--that's just normal. But don't be discouraged. I've read this whole thread. You have some really knowledgeable people--all volunteers--helping you. You will do very well in following their suggestions, step-by-step.

And...Welcome to Manjaro Linux! :smiley:


You will have to learn a little about linux grub, as I did, but if you want to learn, I successfully got manjaro gnome on one of these mixed systems

(Sent via a 2005 lenovo thinkcentre running manjaro gnome)

What are mixed system? I already asked, I know.

32 bit EFI, 64 bit cpu

Example: Macbook2,1

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Trust me i am going all out to learn and i have been learning the basic commands to installing apps and i have a book on intro to C++ as well, I'm watching a few vids on java to. i know its going to be hard but i am a fighter... My main note is how far are you guys willing to help me get to the stage most of you all are at?.?.? i know I'm only a noob/beginner, but I'm also a student willing to learn at this stage, so I'm looking for a teacher or a few... And i thank you all that have helped me get the starting faze going

VS-code was starting up by itself. maybe I got the wrong repos for this version of linux...

With Linux OS administration anywhere you can imagine and beyond. With software development - there should be better choices than this community.

Ok everyone has their choice on what they want to be apart of and i want to be apart of this community, team after a while and can help others that are like me at this time... So I don't know why you would make that comment, on why i want to apart of this team. We are all here to learn and grow in a field we like and love, I'm in my starting stages and i like it and i will love it, because all I put myself to learn I learn and i dont let anything stop me from that. But I thank you for the question you asked and I also hope it shows I'm here to stay as well...

No, no! I'm not sending you away. Just telling that for software engineering you should someday join a more suitable community in addition to Manjaro community. Maybe create a new topic about what community can best help to develop programming skills.

Debian maybe? That is a fairly stable distro.

I actually thought about sth like xda-developers.

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I think what others have been trying to tell you is that most of us here can hardly write "Hello World" with pencil and paper, nevermind code it. So, in addition to learning something about Manjaro Linux here, you might also want to join some communities more closely associated with learning to program.

As for the rest, we'll give you the pointers--links to where you can find answers, maybe a little advice, but we are not much into hand-holding, so if that is what you require you won't find it here.

We'll show you where the fishing rods and the creek is, but the rest is up to you.


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