I made some kernel bootsplash themes

I like the new in-kernel bootsplash but there aren't a lot of themes so I thought why not make my own with the KDE logo
then, thought of doing a theme for each distro, manufacturer etc

currently only have 3 themes but more are on the way
also feel free to request themes (provide png for the requested theme)

find currently available themes in my repo here

here are some preview's
AMD, Gnome


https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/dri-devel/2018-January/162869.html might be the reason

Yeah saw this a while ago
But manjaro still implemented it on newer kernels which is great
Hope the project will be picked up by someone soon


I make my own SteampunK bootsplash theme..but I use as a Packer of
manjaro-bootsplash-man & I install it manually..
....work great...
is possible You can make a Packer with the name stemapunk..?
instead of manjaro-man ...
or you can help how to edit to get that...?

...here is my work...

its pretty easy, start by editing the PKGBUILD and you'll have to rename the files accodring to what you name them there, also the png name in the bootsplash-manjaro-man.sh file and update the name in the .initcpio_install file

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,,wou it came out I did it..
..so I created:
tanX a lot...:+1:

there it is...

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I’ve done quite a few bootsplashes and they look like what you would expect from a polished distro. I have a question though is it possible to use a background image? And if so how would I configure that?

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